Friday, June 16, 2006

Fenced in

Quite a few changes around here!

The turkey poults are ready to leave the baby pen and go in a regular pen, my two remaining baby geese, Dutch and Akeeyu (named after two of my fave bloggers), look like big geese now. The ewe lambs and two doelings are in their pen and ear tagged.

Ahh, spring. Busy!

I also lucked into a pair of peafowl - and India Blue cock and some off-colour hen, not sure what she is, but they're a breeding pair and I have the two other girl peafowl. I am not sure whether that male will breed all thee females (in the manner of chickens) or if they pair up like geese. We'll see.

The biggest and best news is our new fence! Since I've decided to build my pantry myself, I'm saving a ton of money, and I used a portion to get an associate to put it up our pasture fence for me!

I didn't have much to spend but after we scrounged some old t-posts, used a bit of barbed wire, and I threw in a goat in trade, I got my whole pasture (approximately a half acre) fenced PLUS a small pasture under the crepe myrtle for the pony.

It was a long and tiring day. Mr K and his crew worked steadily and I helped out while the babes were napping and after Evil Genius Husband got home. I am SO SORE today! And my knee ... well I can't describe it. I've been eating handfuls of Tylenol all day.

It looks like decent folks live here now, lol.

NOTE: I have many more pics, including a before shot but Blogger is being STUPID and won't let me upload the others.


Now to begin the pantry. I have finally settled on how to do the foundation and the framing, I just need to decide about where I'm putting the roof (blend in with the existing roof or attach below the eave since it doesn't need to be so high?). Still pondering that one.
Speaking of pondering, I was thinking that there aught to be some funny, attitude-ful T-shirts out there for small farmers and/or folks restoring old homes by themselves. I could make some for my store. You know, for hands-on type people. What do you think? Do you guys think farming / DIY old-house-restoring T-shirts would fill a need? ("See a need, fill a need!" yes, I have watched Robots waaaaaay too many times.)


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Zach & Brie's Mom said...

I would vote for having the roof of the pantry blend with the current roof line (will help eliminate some of that "tacked on" look).

While we're not restoring an old house, the hubs and I do quite a bit of DIY stuff... There's not a lot that duct tape and some spackle can't fix!


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