Thursday, May 18, 2006

New additions, new addition?

My last ewe of the season, Alice's Big Daughter (yes, that's really her name) had her lambs - a ram and a ewe:

For some reason she wasn't 'caught' by our Katahdin ram, Steve:

and is the only one to be bred by our baby ram, Domino, a Katahdin/Dorper cross. I'm using him exclusively this season and I'm really pleased by this 'preview'!

ABD is easily one of my best ewes and if this little ram of her's looks nice I'll be keeping him.


Here's a pic of my mystery dibs that came in with my turkeys - you can see a turkey poult there at the bottom for comparison:

As you can see, they're a mixed bag mystery. Those two tiniest black ones (above and below the spotted chick on the left) are actually from my yard bantams. I discovered a nest that had been abandoned just as the eggs were hatching and these two were orphaned so they went in with these.


gratuitous shot of Turkish:

He's made himself a nest in a pile of hay. It's right next to one of the water buckets. He is such a water dog! He'll submerge his whole snout up to his eyes in the water, and that's, like, eight inches of dog nose.


Please don't forget that I'm seriously needing advice on the kitchen. I need your help!! Hopefully I'm getting the pantry added soon and they'll have to remove a window to make the door and make a bit of a mess. I might as well be working on the kitchen at the same time.

So ... paint the beams and trim dark? Paint the walls dark? Bright? How can I get the sheetrock walls to look like old, hand-applied plaster?

Remember, I'm going for an English country cottage look!

This lady has her house just like she wants it. A Carolina Wren (state bird of South Carolina) decided that one of my 3lb coffee can feed scoops would make an excellent nest site. She built this lovely construction in one day - right on top of a half a can of chick starter!


At 11:16 PM, Blogger Karry said...

Get the old plaster look with some spackle and a spatula/trowel thing before you paint. When painting it - get whatever color you like and a bunch of old nappies and seriously water down that paint. Apply it like a stain. (wax on wax off Daniel-san)

Paint the beams dark - and use a lighter wall color. I dunno if you want to stip the beams down to natural wood (egad the work - I stripped 12 layers of paint off some window seats in my old 100yr old home before we moved here - so it is work) but it leaves faint streaks of paint on the wood and it does look refinished when done which is quite the "old made new" thing that's so popular now. OR you could sand all the old paint streaks off (they should be hairline streaks really) and make it like new.

BUT - if you are like me - and don't want all that gosh darned work, I'd probably do a crackle finish on it. My friend did that to her kitchen cupboards - bright navy blue below and cream on top all crackled. It was gorgeous.

Sorry I've been away for so long. :) You've been quite busy!

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