Sunday, April 23, 2006


I'm not gonna apologize for the derth of posts as I have no excuse!

Seriously, I'm obsessed with the farm/house blog needing lots of pics and I just don't get around to taking/uploading/resizing/cropping, etc. I'm that lazy! It's terrible.

On to the blog.

I got my shipment of biddies (5 Rhode Island Red pullets, 20 brown Leghorn straight run) and my six Toulouse goslings. I installed them in the biddy pen and quickly realized that I'd made a mistake.

The geese, despite being shipped with the bids, are much bigger and their growth rate is greater. It didn't help that we had a cold snap the day after they arrived and they crowded under the heat lamp ...

So I had several squished chicks that next morning and the geese moved out into a dog crate.

I should have their new baby goose palace finished today soon and I plan to put a run on it so that I can open a door and let them out to get some sun.


After I finish that I HAVE GOT to do something about the Jungle Shrubs in my front yard!

The right of the porch:

The left of the porch:

The Honeysuckle From Hell!

Eee, what do I do? Chainsaw? I tried to entice a blogger I just discovered into coming over with her SawZall, but, alas, I don't think she will.

Suggestions welcomed!


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous alchemist said...

Hi Blue,

I'm going to do a whole blog post about my shrubs this weekend, but in a nutshell what I did to the shrub on my blog is called "crownlifting." People do it to trees so I figured, why not a shrub? It's basically cutting off the lower branches to make a bare trunk.

Not sure it would work for this monster...what's the underlying structure? Do all the branches come out from a central point in the ground, or is there a trunk?


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