Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hammers and nails and boards, oh my!

Ohh, I have gotten SO many projects done! I'm really pleased. I will also be posting pics as soon as I drag my sorry arse out and take them!

I converted the run-in into two lambing jugs, and built a pen inside what is soon-to-be the ex-feedroom. This tiny pen - just big enough for my largest doe/ewe - has a built in feedbin and hay rack and a stanchion that closes on the doe's neck so she can't turn around. I have had problems in the past with yearling ewes rejecting their kids. We also had an orphan last year.

If I had had an 'adoption box', like this one, I could have stuck one of my older ewes in there and pressed her into adopting that lamb. This will also help with flighty young animals who want to reject their babies.

I'm hoping I never have to use it!

I also went ahead and did what I should have done originally and built a built-in feedbox and hay rack for the pony's stall. It's an old fashioned real stall: he stands tied in it, and he is so rarely stalled (only in nasty weather) that he tends to get bored and tosses his feed bucket about and steps on his hay. All that is in the past now. I hope, lol.

My next projects are: free standing feedroom for Evil Genius Husband so that he has room and a proper door that's big enough for him to get through without stooping, a woodshed, and a dovecote.

I'll post again with pics so that all this makes more sense!

Oh and so far we've gotten 2 racoons and 2 'possums in the trap! Where are they all coming from??


At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Heather said...

My husband and I are hoping to move to a new state in the next year. We are also contemplating buying a place with enough land to support a small farm. Enough animals to keep our family fed to a certain extent and possibly sell a few things here and there. Have you ever kept cows? What makes you decide on keeping a certain type or breed of animal?

I started reading your Mommy blog after seeing a link on the Feb board at babycenter. I still read quite a bit even if I don't comment. Glad to hear your Dad is doing better.


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