Monday, February 11, 2008

Sink, or swim

Just wanted to share our latest 'project' (read scramble-to-repair job) here at The Burrow.

So. The faucet at the kitchen sink has been leaking for a while. It leaked into the sink and only when I ran the water, so i kept putting off replacing it.

Then one day, about mid afternoon, after washing the morning dishes (after breakfast) and doing various things at the kitchen sink that involve water (all day) I step up to the sink and realise that the rug is wet.

No ... it's soaking.

I open the cupboard under the sink (which I rarely open as I have little-used things stored there) and ... EEEeeeeeEEeeeewwwww!

It's a wet, moldy quagmire under my kitchen sink. I have a leak - a BIG one - in an outgoing pipe and the plumbing under there is my age.


Well, there was nothing for it. All that old crap had to go (a lot of it was metal pipe) and the water damage had to be assessed. Here's the sink after I ripped all the plumbing out:


May as well replace that leaky faucet if I'm dropping a bloody great wodge of cash at the Lowe's.

Old faucet:

OoooOOOoooohh, new faucet. Shiney!

Note mixing bowls-as-temporary-dishpans and the nasty sink. Bleh! It was horrible.

We hit a snag when we realised that the actual leaking pipe was the old metal one that went down under the house. How do we get to it?

Through this:

Yes, it's as small as it looks and about an 18 foot crawl up under the house. Evil Genius Husband manfully volunteered to do the crawling. Here is the vid of him under the house:

Here he is afterwards

Teh sexxorz!!111!11!

And here is the finished plumbing and my wee assistant:


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite part was where the camera fell over, lol.


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