Saturday, June 02, 2007

Storm clouds, snakes, and eggs

I think we might finally get some rain today!

Tropical storm Barry is sprinkling on Florida as we speak so maybe we'll get some of that up here. I hope so, I need hay!

My garden would sure appreciate it as well:

And here's a little souvenir we found in the rafters of the shed:

Just for comparison purposes, Boy is 42 inches tall. I have actually seen the fine fellow whose discarded attire this is (a Chicken Snake, properly called a Black Rat Snake). A VERY interesting story. I'll tell it to you sometime soon.

Apologies to any of you herpephobes (is that the correct term?), or old-timey country folks, but I don't kill snakes. I freakin' hate rats and mice. Loathe 'em. Anything that eats them is my bestest buddy! Since this bloke is too big to get in my pens and eat my biddies, then he gets to be a permanent fixture.

Speaking of dibs, my eggs in the incubator hatched! I was convinced that they had been damaged by that temp spike, but a few made it through. I got over half hatched and in the brooder. I'll get you pics later.

Chicks are so cute. I seriously need to make some shirts for us poultry lovers. I have a whole section devoted to rural living but most of it is goat stuff (with some pro dumpster diving items as well, natch!) If you're a chicken fancier, what would YOU wear on a T-shirt?

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At 5:21 AM, Blogger Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

My, that is one LONG motherfucking snake. (Or is it? Embarassingly, city-slick me has never seen a snake in the wild.) Love your garden, it looks big and green and wild. Glad the chicks hatched. Eh, and I've been remembering back when you posted about your kitchen ceiling beams. What did you do about them in the end? Ours are painted dark brown, if you want email me and I'll get you a picture.


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