Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nose to the grindstone

It's refreshing and exhausting to be back out in the barnyard.

Since I've been pretty much pregnant and/or breastfeeding an infant for the last five years (plus!), my Evil Genius Husband has been doing the lion's share of the farming.

I've never been too far from the action, but understandably limited.

Since the birth of my last baby I've been back in the barnyard; piddling about, cleaning up, adjusting things. My immediate goal: making a profit. This is a farm, not a hobby, and it's been set on cruise control for too long, LOL!

I've been eyeing the flock for culls and I've ordered more chicks from the hatchery (got my second batch of Bourbon Red turkeys just Thursday!) I also plan to set up the incubators.

In other news, I've been dump diving with a vengance and have acquired some brilliant finds; tonnes of wire to make chicken cages and repair pens, scraps of wood, a lovely dip net (for catching fowl), and endless odds and ends some of which will make their way to the junk sale.

Just today I got a small wheelbarrow, a lovely bit of garden sculpture (formerly a concrete mailbox in the shape of a cottage), several planters, and non-farm; what appears to be a venerable silver chest (or silver safe):

I already have my grandmother's cherry sideboard, which has a silver drawer, so i plan to use this nice peice as a catch-all on the dresser for Evil Genius Husaband's doo-dads.

My littlest diving buddy (my middle son, the Incredible Bulk):

In other news, if you live in or love the Southeastern part of the United States or just adore the rural life (especially if you have goats or sheep!), please check out our new sections in our online stores. Check back often as I am putting up loads of new stuff all the time!

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